Necklace Chains and How to Wear Them

When accessorising or shopping for new jewellery to add to our repertoire, we often associate necklaces with designer pendants on a more delicate, complementary chain. Chains themselves, however, can constitute the design, with vastly varying links creating endless looks and layering possibilities.

While our Bevel , Entwine , and Infinity collections feature statement-link necklaces reminiscent of chains, there is something to be said for the understated elegance of a finer yet more intricate chain style. More uniform and geometrically designed, they often follow a pattern that is inherently easy to mix and match with other jewellery, creating a broad spectrum of looks and choices from a modest selection.

Frequently designed to stand independently, necklace (and wristwear) chains are bolder than their more delicate sisters (usually combined with pendants), yet their effect can be as delicate or graceful as the outfit they are combined with. With the right piece, worn at the right length to suit the neckline, what would otherwise be a simple chain can easily become your go-to piece when selecting the finishing touch to your look.

Figaro Chains

One of the first feature chains we launched, the Figaro chain, is a timeless classic and a Kit Heath bestseller. While the chain style and -design traces back to 18th-century Italy, the reasoning behind the naming remains somewhat of a mystery.

Formed of a pattern of one long oval link followed by three shorter links, the chain style has been popular since its inception, and its discreetly decorative style is well-liked among all genders.

While Figaro chains come in different styles and “cuts”, the Kit Heath Revival Figaro chain is a perfect balance of soft and geometric, with rounded oval links with subtly tapering edges. Combined with our feature T-bars and the chain’s suitability for layering with charms, it is a perfect mix of traditional and modern and is an investment piece you can continue to love and wear for years to come.

We have combined the Figaro-style chain in a range of designs in our Revival collection, including ones adorned with freshwater pearls, such as some of our more Art Deco-inspired pieces, such as the Revival Pearl Glitz Figaro Necklace .

Rolo Chains

A classic style, also known as a “Belcher” chain, the Rolo is one of the most versatile chains today. Colloquially named “Belcher” after the famous English boxer, James Belcher, and like the name suggests, it continues to be a popular chain with women and men alike.

Made of even, broad, rounded links, even in a smaller link, this style of chain is visually impactful. Often suitable for combining with a statement pendant or a charm—such as our Revival Baroque Pearl Link Charm Pendant —the chain lends itself perfectly for layering and customising.

Delicate yet bold, our Rolo chains are substantially weighted, and in sterling silver, they offer a luxurious touch that suits every occasion, be it a semi-casual rendezvous or a black-tie event.

Our Rolo chains are available in a classic 18-inch length and a longer 28-inch length.

Paperclip Chains

Innately versatile, paperclip chains offer an impactful look in a simple yet stylistic fashion. The chain’s name comes from its appearance—wide, open oval links—likened to a chain of paperclips. Slightly flattened and straight, the links are modern in a way that transcends time, making the design and style enduring and a jewellery accent worth investing in.

Our Revival Paperclip chains come in a larger link with a shorter and a longer version and a 17-inch version with more petite links that is perfect for layering and wearing close to the neck.

Decorative Chains

Similar to rope-style chains, our Revival Woven Diamond Cut Link Chain Necklace – 17″ is ornate yet understated in its design. The slightly twisting, concentric oval links form a pattern that connects to join in a knitted style. Designed to sit flat, the chain’s pattern is only slightly raised, and the decorative impact is seen in the width of the chain.

While the chain design is traditional and something akin to what you may have found in your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery boxes once upon a time, the style is beautifully ornamental and proves that style stands resolutely and confidently above fashion. A piece that will undoubtedly last a lifetime, its retrospective look perfectly aligns with our mission to elevate everyday jewellery into something timeless.

Also available in a smaller, rounded link, this chain style is ideal for layering or creating a simple yet sophisticated accent to your everyday look.