A Letter from Kit

A Message on Family Values

Father's Day | 18 June 2023

This Father’s Day, Sunday, 18th June, is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of family, celebrate parent figures and remember the people who have left a mark on our lives.

As a father myself, Kit Heath, a family business first and foremost, wouldn’t be what it is today without our own found family—the Kit Heath family.

Since our company first started out in the early 80s, my brother Kit and I have shared a passion for jewellery. While I have always enjoyed my time better behind a sketchbook designing, Kit naturally took to the social side of jewellery sales.  Bringing a broad skill set between us, we made a point to identify our individual strengths and how best to harness them. 

Katie & Kit, photographed together in the early years.

Coast Collection by Kit HeathCoast Collection by Kit Heath

Timeless Silver Jewellery
Kit Heath has been designing sterling silver jewellery since 1984.

As we all pause to reflect on Father’s Day, I invite you to join me in celebrating all the hardworking fathers, father figures and male role models in our lives—their dedication is fundamental in shaping the minds and futures of the next generation. Let our shared legacy of hard work and love for family live on.

Happy Father's Day!


Co-Founder, Kit Heath