AW19 collection

The newest arrivals, leading with our brand-new headline collection...
EMPIRE — Perhaps Kit Heath’s strongest storyline so far, The Empire Collection takes the drama of Art Deco design and gives it a thoroughly contemporary and imaginative makeover.


Born of the era that embraced decadence and glamour, Empire takes Art Deco style to a new place of contemporary beauty.

Empire Collection

Eden Blush

Statement florals, openwork botanicals — the undeniable beauty of nature redefined. Inspired by the unique detail borne from Mother Nature herself.


Cosmic rays of light, taken to astronomical heights — time and space, beautifully depicted through cascading trails and tactile orbs of silver and golden stars.

Stargazer Collection

Coast Collection

Windswept and sand blown, the tactile shapes take after the organic forms created by the unyielding power of the sea.


Infinitely sensuous, the weaving strands of silver entwine in a perfect twist with considered accents of gold tones and micro pavé cubic zirconia.

Entwine Collection

Bevel Collection

Elegantly edged, perfectly balanced, the softly archig silver oozess confident assertion and voguish poise — that 'je ne sais quoi'.


Curvaceously chic, our voluptuous Lust heart leaves nothing to be desired.

Desire Collection

Miniatures collection

Mini in size, grand in style with an unmistable Kit Heath edge. Wear singularly for sophisticated simplicity or layer for added styling.


Personalisation at its best — beautifully designed sterling silver profiles in Kit Heath's iconic style.