Gemstone Guide

A-Z of Gemstones

Want to know a bit more about the gemstones we use in our jewellery without being baffled with science and bored with history? Take a look at our gemstone alphabet below for a quick enlightenment!
A is for Agate and Amethyst
Agate is a type of chalcedony formed from the lava of ancient volcano’s, it’s colour is formed by the impurities present (basically how much of a party the lava and gas bubbles had when the volcano erupted and the lava then cooled) colours include white, yellow, grey, pale blue, brown, pink red or black.
Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a purple colour. It gets its name from the boozy ancient Greeks who thought drinking from an Amethyst cup would stop them getting drunk (it’s not true don’t try it)! It also has associations with purity and the Queen loves a bit of Amethyst as purple is  considered a royal hue (or it might just be her favourite colour).
B is for (we’re waiting to use a stone that begins with B) but we do use a lot of blue stones!
C is for Cubic Zirconia and Citrine
Cubic Zirconia is the nouveau riche cousin to the mighty diamond!  This stone is actually man made and can come in a variety of colours and looks as a fab as a diamond at a fraction of the price!
Citrine is a yellow quartz, years and years and years ago it was thought to ward of evil words and thoughts and occasionally heal a snakebite!
E is for (we’re not using a stone that begins with E just yet, but when we do we will update this page).
D is for Diamond
Diamonds are the king of bling! Formed by pure carbon it’s the hardest mineral on earth (don’t mess with a diamond) with this amazing property no wonder it commands a hefty price tag!
F is for (no stone that begins with F being used here yet) but we do love the word Fabulous!
G is for Garnet
Garnet is a broad name used for a mineral abundant in metamorphic rock, it’s mainly known for its deep red colour and the Greeks loved them as it reminded them of pomegranate seeds!
H is for Hematite
Hematite is probably the closest stone you’ll get to metal as it’s an iron oxide.
I is for (no stone that begins with I being used here yet)
J is for Jasper
No we don’t use wasps in our jewellery!  Jasper is a chalcedony stone that comes in a variety of colours.
K is for Kit Heath and everybody deserves a piece of Kit Heath jewellery!
L is for Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone thought by the Romans to have powers to set prisoners free!
M is for Mother of Pearl and Moonstone
Mother of Pearl is the lining of a shell (mainly oysters), so when the seductive oyster is eaten its beautiful home is then used in a precious object such as jewellery.
Moonstone is a feldspar (a mineral that contains calcium, sodium or potassium) they can be found on earth and the moon! Moonstone is favoured for its silvery iridescence (but doesn’t only come from the moon).
N is for….. we're currently not using any stones that begin with an N, so here's a jewellery tip that begins with an N! 'Never clean our jewellery using a silver dip as this may make our jewellery look better instantly but it actually does more harm than good, we recommend a good rub with a silver cloth!

O is for our Oasis Collection as we're not currently using any stones that begin with O!
P is for Pearl and Peridot
Pearls are the eh hum ‘secretions’ of a mollusc produced when it gets irritated by something, for example if a piece of sand lands itself in the molluscs belly the mollusc will secrete a pearl substance to protect itself!
Peridot is green and only ever green, its colouring is caused by iron the more iron the more green the stone is. (This doesn’t mean that if you eat iron rich food such as spinach it will make you green)!
Q is for the Queen and we know she loves Amethyst , but we’re not using a stone that begins with Q yet other than Quartz and that’s a bit of a cop out!
R is for Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz
Rock Crystal is a form of quartz, favoured by clairvoyants and once believed to be ice that had frozen too hard to melt!
Rose Quartz is a pink quartz that comes with unconditional love properties (so if you need some tlc buy yourself a piece of Rose Quartz jewellery)!
S is for Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz is brown in colour and a rather sophisticated stone!
T is for Topaz, Turquoise,
Topaz is a stone formed by vapours given off by ancient igneous rock and can come in many colours.
Turquoise is a stone blue in colour from its copper content (the metal not the police) and is thought to have good luck properties.
U is for utterly beautiful jewellery!

V is for VW Camper, we're not currently using any stones that begin with V but here's an interesting fact about Kit Heath that begins with a V!

Did you know that when Mr Kit Heath established his jewellery business he would park his VW Camper overnight at the beaches in the South of England, designing jewellery in the evenings and surfing in the mornings!

W, X, Y and Z are all ready and waiting to be updated as soon as we use a stone that fits!