Rings Care Guide

How to Buy a Ring That Fits!

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Make it easy to find out your ring size for that perfect fit.

(Oh no...your ring is a bit to tight or loose - use our free returns to swap the size!)

You can check our size guide here, there are some tips on measuring and sizing existing rings to gain your size. Or you can try our ring sizing template! It’s a little bit “DIY”, but we hope it helps.

Go for a slightly larger size than usual on a ring with a wide band as they fit smaller, and vice versa. A thinner band will feel smaller so you may find that you need the size down from usual.

Oh! Your fingers actually shrink and swell depending on the weather! So if a ring is a little bit large in the warm, it will only be larger when your hands cool down.

Instructions to use our ring size guide:

  • You will need to check that you are viewing this document at 100% of its size. To do this select “view” from the toolbar and then “zoom” and make sure that this sent to 100%.
  • Print this document making sure that you don't select the "scale to fit page" or "shrink to fit page" options from the print menu – whist you are doing this guard the machine so your boss doesn’t accidentally pick it up along with the weekly stats.
  • To make sure that the ring sizer is accurate you will need to check the print size – the line below should measure 5cm.
  • You will then need to cut out the ring sizer and make a slot as indicated (this is sadly the part we enjoy most!)
  • Place the end of the ring sizer through the slot to make a loop
  • In order to take and accurate measurement you will need make sure that the ring sizer fits comfortably and you can move it over your knuckle.
  • Your ring size is shown by the letter on the line shown through the slot. 

Note: This ring sizer is provided as a guide only as all hands, fingers and knuckles are different. For example, if you are a man using this guide to estimate your wives fingers as your little finger is roughly the same size as her pinky - this may not work for you.


For further information or advice on ring sizes contact our customer services department at saleUS@kitheath.com or call 401-276-0300 (9am – 5pm Monday-Friday) or visit your nearest stockist.